Take a look under the covers at VC Funds

You can now do just that! TheFunded.com is an online community of entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide. Membership, which is FREE for CEOs, will give you unparalleled access to the collective wisdom of over 11,500 entrepreneurs and other business leaders, as well as detailed profiles of over 3,900 funds and contact information for over 17,250 investment professionals. In addition, TheFunded.com allows entrepreneurs to view and share term sheets, to assist one another finding good investors, and to discuss the many facets of operating a business.

Check out the Membership Screencast at The Funded website for a guided tour, which will show you first hand how members can access candid reviews of funds by CEO members who have first hand experience of the way they operate.

It’s also worth checking out a presentation by Adeo Ressi, CEO The Funded, who has an interesting take on Venture Capital Trends.


One Response to Take a look under the covers at VC Funds

  1. Daniel says:

    Crowdfunding is a great idea and has worked very well for many cases, however for smaller business investment, a peer to peer angel investors network website can provide better results.

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